Negotiating place and its representation, via Prof. Gillian Rose

The focus on place and space of our course is becoming more and more prominent as the seminar progresses. Prof. Kevin Leyden presented us with examples of successful projects in urban spaces that respond to well-being and improve opportunities for socialization. Your own engagement with Galway city and with NUIG campus has certainly provided you with opportunities to reflect about your everyday environments and the implications that these have in your social life. The following is a brilliant example of, what I would call, advertising activism and it shows how necessary is to critically engage with visual representations of the urban.img_1264-copyContinue reading: spotted at Cambridge station – cut-and-pasted people talk back!

UPDATE, via visual/method/culture: The mystery of who put the speech bubbles onto the billboards outside Cambridge station – that I blogged about here – has been solved.  It was part of this year’s Art Language Location festival in the city, and they were created by Alberto Duman.  Alberto has a long track record of urban interventions, many of which are recorded on his website here.

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